Project Cargo

Be it steel pipes or rig legs, cranes or excavators, cables or heavy machinery, we have the expertise to deliver. From documentation to customs, by road, by sea or air you can rest assured that your Projects are handled with utmost care. Operating as a global player since 1996, handling many different industries has meant we have had to develop solutions dependent on the cargo to be moved.

The challenge of cargo that cannot be unitized requires special handling equipment and control at a microscopic level. Project planning, route selection, packaging, haulage, cranes, overseas handling, storage, and delivery are all of extreme importance.

We at Gemline Shipping Agency understand the pulse of Project handling. Over the years we have built a trusted channel network of reliable partners who are like-minded and believe in delivering nothing less than quality.

Why choose us?

Tailor made logistics solutions

Gemline provides tailor made logistics solutions designed to move large and small project shipments from origin point to job site for companies involved in the offshore  power generation, mining, construction, heavy industries and renewable sectors.

Global network

Over time, we have created a unique global network of reliable partners with specialist local knowledge and expertise, allowing us to undertake complex logistical challenges of all sizes on a global basis.

Experienced and qualified team

Upon receiving specific job requirements our experienced and qualified team, of port captains, marine and cargo superintendents and master stevedores, plan each project meticulously to develop workable logistics solutions.

Safe and timely delivery

Whether it’s an express airfreight package or a large heavy lift shipment by land or sea, Gemline has the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure safe and timely delivery, worldwide, for project cargoes of all sizes